Roof systems

Do you have a large unused roof area that is exposed to sunlight all day long? Then we can turn this area into a small power station for you.

When planning PV systems on roof structures, the statics of the roof and the exposed location are decisive. There is no approval requirement for the installation of PV systems on buildings, in accordance with the specifications of the state building codes. Likewise, a static recalculation of the PV system on existing buildings is not mandatory. Nevertheless, every roof suitable for large-scale PV use is subjected to a suitability test by us. For the planning we use efficient modern drone technology. The measurement is carried out by means of drone overflight with an accuracy of 2cm. This procedure can be used for flat and trapezoidal roofs.

Our services

  • System planning
  • Installation of the components supplied by the customer
  • AC connection work
  • Commissioning service